Gnawa de Bruxelles & DJ Tudo: ‘Gaia Musica’

world music
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Morocco meets Brazil 

The Brazilian Alfredo Bello, aka DJ Tudo, has made field recordings of traditional songs throughout his native country. He then transformed them with the aid of dub, funk, hip hop and electronics. 

In the Gaia Musica series he makes musical links between Brazil and other cultures. This time he is delving into North-African Gnawa music.

Photo © Camilla Loreta

i.a.w. De Centrale

Extra info

Gaia Musica
Gnawa de Bruxelles (group), DJ Tudo (bass, computer, vocals), Rafaella Nepomuceno (percussion, vocals), Gustavo Souza (drums, sampler, vocals), Rafael Martinez (guitars), Marcelo Monteiro (flute, tenor- and soprano sax), Amilcar Rodrigues (trumpet), Filipe Nader (baritone sax)

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