GLIMPS FESTIVAL - 11/12 tot 13/12/2014

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GLIMPS is an international showcase festival, with more than 60 new and rising talents. Handelsbeurs Concert Hall is a partner of GLIMPS and one of the locations during the festival. Save the date for the next edition: December 11th to 18th 2014.


Thu 11.12 - Briqueville - 20:10

We don't really know that much about Briqueville, but that's not (entirely) our fault. The band keeps its own mystery alive by performing with masks, and by giving the music a somewhat enigmatic vibe. If we hadn't been such optimistic softies, we might even hear some reference to the occult. The spirit of Amenra is never far away, and that's just the kind of spirit we love to embrace.

Thu 11.12 - A/T/O/S - 21:20

Amos (voice) and Truenoys (production) have specialized themselves in the slow, bedheaded, and all the more interesting kind of dubstep. Lingering and compelling, just like Burial at his very best. But also suggestive like Massive Attack, and intriguiging like Portishead. These two Belgians succeed in creating a very international sound and are simply great at what they do.

Fri 12.12 - Aloa Input - 21:40 till 22:20

Glimps is a winter festival, but that doesn't mean we don't like the sun in our music. Quite the contrary, German band Aloa Input will make you feel warm as if you were sipping rum from a decapitated coconut somewhere at a Jamaican lagoon. They're melodic like Vampire Weekend and if you ask us (you never know) they're just as irresistible. German indie pop with steel drums from time to time. From now on, that's a thing.

Fri 12.12 - Hong Kong Dong - 23:20 till 00:00

Sometimes quirky and irreverent, Hong Kong Dong combines a knack for sugary melodies with more noisy bursts of avant-rock. With songs that are built around harddriving electronic grooves and featuring gleefully absurd lyrics, their music evokes the spirit of bands like the Flaming Lips, Deerhoof, Talking Heads, Princeand Sparks, fusing these influences into a new kind of futuristic pop ecstacy.

Sat 13.12 - Will And The People - 20:20 till 21:00

Will And The People is a British band formed in 2010 consisting of four friends. They met at the Glastonbury Festival in 2010 and moved to a village at the westside of London, where they live, rehearse and write songs there in a barn. Their inspiration comes from Bob Marley, The Beatles, The Doors, Supertramp, The Police, John Lennon and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Sat 13.12 - La Chiva Gantiva - 21:50 till 22:30

The story of La Chiva Gantiva began in Brussels when three young Colombian students started to play percussion together. Driven by a desire to assert their roots, they began to blend Afro-Colombian rhythms with other styles of music they loved: rock , afrobeat and funk. Soon joined by four other musicians (two Belgians, a Frenchman and a Vietnamese), they started performing around the world, and their exciting, explosive show conquered media and public alike.

Sat 13.12 - Black Flower - 23:20 till 00:00

Nathan Daems is a notorious inhabitant of our fine city that loves to broaden his horizons and expects you do the same. Black Flower explores jazz, afrobeat, and triphop from an Ethiopian atmosphere. Exotic sounds from Africa and melancholic melodies, for fans of Mulate Astatke. Selassie jazz, baby!

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