Foyer Soiree: Ruben Machtelinckx / Frederik Leroux (solos)

contagious, subdued
jazz, pop / rock / songs

Soundscapes on the banjo

A banjo usually summons up cheerful sounds. Energetic bluegrass or languid Dixieland. The guitarists Ruben Machtelinckx and Frederik Leroux enter the world of mysticism.

On their brand-new split album When the shade is stretched (Aspen Edities), they seek minimalist sparkle, well-devised layers of sound and balanced pedal-work.

Especially recommended to banjo fans looking for something different, but there's plenty of minimalist atmosphere for people who didn't even know they liked the banjo.

**** All about jazz

Aspen is an independent record label for contemporary music. We issue both improvised music and compositions, often combined in a peculiar interplay.


20u15 Ruben Machtelinckx solo
guitar, baritone guitar, banjo
20u40 Frederik Leroux solo
guitar, banjo

within the framework of

Foyer Soirée

Recommended by other visitors

pop / rock / songs

Two bands between jazz tradition and the future


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