Foyer Soiree: Kreis & Jens Düppe Quartet

€8 for students

Two bands meet up. The chemestry happens instantly on stage.

Band 1: Kreis
A band from Ghent known for lyrical jazz, reverberating chamber music and the suggestive of film music, with many unison movements and colorings.

Band 2: Jens Düppe Quartet 
In no time Jens Düppe turned out to be one of the driving forces behind the German jazz scene. He is the typical example of the complete drummer, comfortable in small ensembles and in big band.

For Dancing Beauty, the most recent album of his Quartet, he was inspired by nine quotes from John Cage. It resulted in an album that is full of ideas, given a whole new life through classical means such as rhythm, melody and harmony.


Stan Maris (accordion), Benjamin Hermans (sax), Kobe Boon (double bass)
Jens Düppe Quartet
Frederik Köster (trumpet), Lars Duppler (piano), Christian Ramond (bass), Jens Düppe (drums)
​Jazz Eats Borders
Jazz Eats Borders brings musicians from different countries and scenes together. They meet the day of the concert for rehearsal. Always up for a good adventure.

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