Foyer Soirée: Mattias De Craene III


I sax + II drums

MDC III is one of reed player Mattias De Craene’s many projects, involving drums and saxophone. De Craene invited two drummers (Simon Segers, Lennert Jacobs), that have been active in the worlds of jazz, pop, free improvisation and experimental music.

They are the ideal foil for De Craene’s vision, which seems to exclude no opposites. While the use of a recorder, electronics and percussion steers the music beyond the classic acoustic limitations, the result becomes strikingly rich with contrasts.

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More from Mattias De Craene? He returns with a special project from his other band Nordmann:

photo © Bieke Depoorter/Magnum Photos
video © Bieke Depoorter & Grégoire Verbeke

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Uit het Handelsbeurs Magazine:
Mattias De Craene (alt- & tenorsax), Simon Segers (drums, elektronica, percussie), Lennert Jacobs (drums, electronica)

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Foyer Soirée

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