Foyer Matinee: Trio Grande

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A small bigband

Trio Grande is an all-terrain trio who can charm an audience whether in the intimacy of a club or on a big stage at a Festival. Their music is qualified as libertarian, joyous and communicative. 

These three musketeers have been playing together for a quarter of a century, something sufficiently rare as to be highlighted.

Photo © Massimo Municchi


Trio Grande
Laurent Dehors (sax, clarinet, bagpipes, Jew's harp, harmonica), Michel Massot (euphonium, sousafoon, trombone), Michel Debrulle (drums, percussion)
These morning concerts take place every third Sunday of the month in the Handelsbeurs foyer. A drink in hand, whole families of music lovers gather around passionate performers of jazz, classical and world music.

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