Foyer Matinee: Ghalia Benali & Romina Lischka

contagious, subdued
classical, world music

A Call to Prayer

Singer Ghalia Benali and gambiste Romina Lischka are forming a new duo, influenced by Arabic melodies, Indian ragas and Frens baroque music. 

They share a love for the gamba pieces of Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe, the 17th century master of the viola da gamba. This is their starting point.

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A Call to Prayer
Ghalia Benali (voice), Romina Lischka (dhrupad voice, viola da gamba), Vincent Noiret (double bass)
These morning concerts take place every third Sunday of the month in the Handelsbeurs foyer. A drink in hand, whole families of music lovers gather around passionate performers of jazz, classical and world music.

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Foyer Matinee

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