Foyer Matinee: Damast duo & Kapela Maliszòw

contagious, subdued
world music
during the day

Arab, Polish and Balkan traditionals

The Belgian-Syrian Damast duo plays together with the adventurous Polish folk trio Kapela Maliszow, which adds traditionals with bizarre rhythms and Balkan music.

It makes for an incredibly catchy mix of strings, accordion, percussion and vocals. 

photo © Rudy Carlier


Damast duo
Shalan Alhamwy (violin), Jonas Malfliet (accordion)
Kapela Maliszów​
Jan Malisz (violin, basolia, barrel organ, accordion, vocals), Zuzanna Malisz (vocals, basolia, drums), Kacper Malisz (violin, basolia, key harp)

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Foyer Matinee

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