Flying Horseman: 'Rooms / Ruins' (cd-release)

groundbreaking, powerful
pop / rock / songs

New intense album

Through the years, the Antwerp based Flying Horseman have developed a rich, organic sound that is theirs only.

Rooms / Ruins (Unday Records / NEWS), their fifth album, is a capricious, vibrant and strange affair that will send you inwards before catapulting you into space. 

Residence at deSingel

Early 2017 Flying Horseman was artist in residence at deSingel where they've worked on brand new material for 7 weeks straight. A few months later they took ROOMS / RUINS into the studio and recorded the new album together with their faithful companion Koen Gisen.

The album makes sense as the logical next step in the band’s development but it surprises at the same time, introducing new textures and sound through analogue electronica and sequencers.

a dazzling high level performance ****

Focus Knack

photo © Philippe Werkers


21u05 Flying Horseman
Bert Dockx (voice, guitar), Alfredo Bravo (drums, percussion), Loesje Maieu (voice, synths, percussion), Martha Maieu (voice, synths, percussion), Mattias Cré (bass)
20u15 support

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