Flat Earth Society & David Bovée: 'Boggamasta III'

jazz, pop / rock / songs
19h Doors
20h15 Start
21h45 End
€ 21 Presale
€ 8 Presale Student
€ 24 Box office
€ 11 Box office student
€ 4.2 Uitpas discount / EDC

Jazz? “Well, you know, like, kinda.”

In the meantime, Flat Earth Society Orchestra, flagship of the lost side of Belgian jazz, has been overwhelming national and international stages for more than twenty years. Shows that invariably burst at the seams with total disregard for genre rules and dazzle listeners with their multicolored spazz jazz razzmatazz. Highlights? Too many to list, really, but Boggamasta I (2017) is one of them.

Band leader Peter Vermeersch and returned primal member David Bovée gave shape to the central figure of the album, the power-addicted megalomaniac Boggamasta, who steered the eager and willing turbo orchestra to new peaks of musical debauchery and vice. The combination of XL arrangements with that unmistakable rogue behavior and growling grooves were the perfect recipe for a charm offensive that stunned the public and the press in Europe and South America.

“It certainly is not music that should be judged with jazz criteria.”

London Jazz News

Sounds like

The fresh brew Boggamasta III is not for those in search of answers, as these rogue mutineers have once again assembled a collection of devious compositions and misleading stories. The most trusted FES references – Ellingtonia, Viral Skunk, Zappa, 21st Century Fears and Rage – remain intact, but are steered by labyrinthine urban jungles and feverishly renewed traditions. Boggamasta III gushes out in generous gulps, draws dizzying patterns, heads toward spaceways with cards that don't unfold until needed.

Let there be no doubt: even in its third decade, Flat Earth Society excels at creating wonderfully unreliable music, full of absurd perspectives and heart-pounding twists. It is a method, a raison d'être that remains fresh and vital, and never stops surprising. A tightrope walk, voluptuous musical film and funeral polka in one: Boggamasta III is yet another triumph for Flat Earth Society and Bovée.

And if you were wondering where Volume 2 has gone: “It's been three years since the first volume,...time's running out.” Flat Earth Society always stays one step ahead. By all means possible.

photo © Jan Gitanes


David 9½ Bovée (elektrische gitaar, zang, elektronica), Peter Vermeersch (bas(klarinet), zang, elektronica), Mirko Banovic (elektrische bas), Kristof Roseeeuw (contrabas), Peter Vandenberghe (keyboard, piano), Teun Verbruggen (drums), Wim Segers (percussie, zang), Benjamin Boutreur (altsax), Michel Mast (tenorsax), Martí Melià (tenorsax), Bruno Vansina (baritonsax, fluit), Berlinde Deman (tuba, zang), Bart Maris (trompet), Pauline Leblond (trompet, zang), Peter Delannoye (trombone), Marc Meeuwissen (trombone)

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