Exodus with a.o. Wouter Vandenabeele & Osama Abdulrasol

global sounds

Fifteen years ago, Wouter Vandenabeele performed the very first concert in the Handelsbeurs. To look back at all those years of music, he is returning with Exodus, an orchestra of musicians who are ‘on the run’.

It combines Greek blues with fiery flamenco and the musical melting pot of Aleppo.

Within the framework of 15 years of Handelsbeurs
With support of Baloise Insurance and Port of Ghent


Wouter Vandenabeele (violin, artistic leader), Osama Abdulrasol (kanun), Tarek Alsayed Yahya (oed), François Taillefer (percussion), Inès Garcia (flamenco dance), Carmen Fernandez (flamenco voice), Alexander Gavilán (flamenco guitar), Frans De Clercq (rebetiko voice, bouzouki), Michel Karakatsanis (rebetiko voice, bouzouki), Karsten de Vilder (rebetiko voice, guitar), Dimi Dumortier (rebetiko voice, percussion)

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