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In vers gras vrijen
om later
veel later
in de dood nog even na te geuren
als hooi

- Gerard Reve

A swirling performance about life and death

In Greek mythology, Eros and Thanatos move in a dance of attraction and repulsion. Their play between life and death brings both passionate and subdued tranquility.

This is also the case with the music in this performance. Eighteen artists draw on their musical heritage, ranging from Roma and Arabic music to melodies and rhythms from Western Europe, Africa and South America.

Conducted by Wouter Vandenabeele and Luk Nys, this results in a poetic and thrilling concert.

A production by Madam Fortuna
Photo © Bruno Van Treeck

With support of Baloise Insurance


Eros en Thanatos
Met Jonas Malfiet, Shalan Alhamwy, Moussa Niang, Martin Balogh, Fapy Lafertin, Jo Zanders, Wouter Ladakis, Elvis Ametovski, Stijn Vervoort, Lise Smolders, Zoë Bossuyts, Mirjam de Wit, Katrien Bos, Andreas Nys, Hussein Rassim, Joachim Thys en Hussein Mahdi Al-Khalidi (music, performance), Wouter Vandenabeele (music direction), Luk Nys (artistic direction)

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