Emma Frank / Distance, Light & Sky (cd-releases)

pop / rock / songs, jazz

Distance, Light & Sky 

Distance, Light & Sky is not a side project, but rather it is fully a band of its own. Alongside Chris Eckman (The Walkabouts, Dirtmusic) you'll hear singer-songwriter Chantal Acda from the Netherlands/Belgium. 

Chantal is well known for her work with the Belgian group Isbells and has recorded several solo albums. Her latest effort is the album Live at Jazz Middelheim which she recorded with the legendary guitarist Bill Frisell.  

Next to her and Chris there’s percussionist/composer Eric Thielemans who's been around the European, American and Japanese improv, jazz, broken pop and rock scenes for more than two decades and has made critically acclaimed solo albums like A Snare is a Bell

You will discover that Distance, Light & Sky consists of three musicians, coming from diverse backgrounds, who are deeply connected by a shared sonic vision.

Gold Coast will be released October 12 via Glitterhouse Records.

This is a low-key beautiful record; hushed and patient, it waits for the listener to take it into their heart,“ praised

Americana UK over het debuut Casting Nets

Emma Frank

The American Emma Frank explores with her music the terrain between folk, jazz and r&b. For this she collaborates with jazz men as pianists Elias Stemeseder and Aaron Parks as well as drummer Jim Black.

As a singer-songwriter with that extra touch, she easily lands at both pop and jazz festivals and the clubs of New York are her second home.

She releases her fourth album Come Back early 2019.

"Since her early days as a fixture on the Montréal jazz scene, Emma Frank has expanded the delicate nature of her voice, developed a phrasing that is her own with clear melodic lines that bloom magnificently, and presented quasi-folk landscapes reinforced by contemporary jazz harmonies and rhythms. Ocean Av will satisfy those who seek sophisticated songwriting." Alain Brunet, La Presse 

Vocalist Emma Frank brings genuine peacefulness and transparent honesty to everything she touches.

Sébastien Hélary, Nextbop


20h15 Emma Frank
Emma Frank (voice), Elias Stemeseder (piano), Desmond White (bass), Jim Black (drums)
21h30 Distance, Light & Sky
Chantal Acda​ (voice, guitar​​), Chris Eckman​ (voice, guitar), Eric Thielemans​ (drums)

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