Eliza Rickman / The Colorist Orchestra & Howe Gelb

contagious, subdued
pop / rock / songs

Eliza Rickman / The Colorist Orchestra & Howe Gelb

The guiding principle behind the work of The Colorist is as simple as it is genius. The eight-person orchestra brings homemade instruments to the stage, as well as a true fascination for new registers and tim­bres. They collaborate with a range of pop artists and colour in existing songs in their own unique way.

Now they dig into the endless repertoire of Howe Gelb. They sculpt new arrangements around Howe’s timbre and storytelling, and paint them in exciting new colors.

Howe Gelb

Gelb is a cult figure, a true musical explorer and a skilled songwriter, which awards him with impressive credibility in the international music scene. It comes as no surprise that he collaborated with artists such as Vic Chesnutt, Bonnie Prince Billy, M.Ward, Isobel Cambell, PJ Harvey and Victoria Williams.

His music is often defined as Americana, but can’t be pinned down into one category. It is best described as a mix of lo-fi, rock, folk, blues, noise and jazz. He created an impressive amount of albums with Giant Sand (1985-2018), released numerous solo albums, and has multiple side projects (e.g. OP8, Giant Giant Sand, The Band of Blacky Ranchette, Arizona Amp and Alternator).

Eliza Rickman and strings | Indie folk, baroque pop

There is always a hint of menace and reservoirs of force haunting the corners of Eliza Rickman’s voice, whatever register it occupies. Her presence on stage- whether she wears flowers in her hair, or stuffed birds; whether she plays a toy piano or a grand piano- is an enveloping, soft darkness, impossible to ignore.  

Eliza has toured as a solo performer for most of the past seven years. She is a frequent featured musical act for the live rendition of the popular podcast Welcome to Night Vale, she performs with the band Rasputina, she has organized her own successful solo European tours, and her latest music video for her song "Pretty Little Head" was the most successful crowd-funded music video in Kickstarter history.  

For the past year, Eliza has been performing with her partner and musical collaborator Greg Allison, whose lush violin playing and array of hand bells, glockenspiel, foot stomps, and hand claps whimsically support the delicate power of her voice.

For this performance at Handelsbeurs, Eliza will be accompanied by a string trio.

Extra info

20h15 Eliza Rickman & strings
Eliza Rickman (voice, table harp etc), string trio (violin, viola, cello)
21h45 The Colorist Orchestra & Howe Gelb
Howe Gelb (vocals, guitar), Kobe Proesmans (wooden drums, orchestral percussion), Aarich Jespers (flapamba, angklung, hammered mbira, melodic percussion), Sep François (melodic percussion, hammered mbar), Wim De Busser (grand piano, prepared piano, keys), Tim Vandenbergh (double bass, electric bass), Gerrit Valckenaers (bass clarinet, stones, mirrors, glass bowls, electronics), Jeroen Baert (violin), Karel Coninx (viola), Jo Francken (sound/wizard)

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