DrummingCellist -for younger ears (6+)

jazz, pop / rock / songs
for kids (6+)
15h Doors
16h Start
16h45 End
€ 13 Basic
€ 8 -12 years old
€ 2.6 Uitpas discount / EDC

A trip with a musical centipede (6+)

The Slovenian Kristijan Krajnčan is an extremely special man. With a whole host of instruments he conjures up an dazzling sonic universe on his own.

Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of exuberant jazz, cinematic soundscapes and tranquil classical music. A ravishing feast for your eyes and ears.

A fortress of instruments

Krajnčan flanks himself with a fortress of instruments. He starts with a small finger roll on his cello, which you can only hear if you prick up your ears. Slowly his legs begin to move on the bass drum and the cymbals.

Layer after layer he builds up rhythms into a swirling groove, over which he lures melodies into a dance with his cello and vocals...till you don't remember exactly how many feet and hands this man has. Long story short, a real musical centipede.


Course of the day

16h - 16h45 DrummingCellist
After the concert

Pancakes available in the foyer. Due to corona, you must make a reservation. You can do so until one day before the concert. 

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Safety first during corona

As of November 18th, new house rules apply.

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  • Masks are obligatory.
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