DrummingCellist / Drago Ivanuša: ‘La Bête Humaine’


Two figureheads from Ljubljana

DrummingCellist is Kristijan Krajnčan's unique musical vision. He combines contemporary jazz, classical, film music and related genres in a new form of storytelling. Brace yourself for his challenging and vibrant approach.

The Slovenian Krajnčan is not only a drummer and cellist, but also a filmmaker. He likes to explore the terrain where these different elements meet. DrummingCellist is an ode to limitless possibilities, a solo studio in which jazz, African sounds and even the influence of Arvo Pärt can come together to tell a new story.

Drago Ivanusac

Drago Ivanuša pianist/composer is a bit like the Slovenian Peter Vermeersch (Flat Earth Society). He has composed for dance, theater and film and played with several bands. As a pianist he is inimitable.

La Bête Humaine is one elongated breath, a magical tale.

photo © Jan Pirnat


Kristijan Krajnčan (drums, cello, electronics)
La Bête Humaine
Drago Ivanuša (piano)

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