Dijf Sanders: 'Puja' (albumrelease) / support: Ami Dang

pop / rock / songs, world music

New record with samples and beats from Nepal

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Dijf Sanders (Teddiedrum, The Violent Husbands) combines a broad mix of styles with a boundless artistic approach full of multicultural blends. After the ethnic-eclectic albums Moonlit Planetarium (2016) and Java (2017), he presents the new album Puja.

Expect a sound trance where Nepalese monks sing and percussive samples are combined with mantra-like techno. Namaste!

A trip to Nepal

Recently Dijf Sanders did collaborations with Warhaus, Sylvie Kreusch, Mattias De Craene's MDC III and choreographer Wim Vandekeybus (Die Bakchen - Lasst uns tanzen). 

For his third solo album he delves into a world steeped in Nepalese, Tibetan, Chinese and Indian culture. Field recordings and impressions from a trip to Nepal form the basis for a new universe. Live, he is assisted by drummer Simon Segers, saxophonist Mattias De Craene and sitar player Nicolas Mortelmans.

Support: Ami Dang (USA)

Ami Dang's music is just as hybrid as her identity. This first-generation South Asian in America follows in the footsteps of artists such as Ravi Shankar and Philip Glass. She tries to enriche experimental pop and electronic music with Indian music culture and vice versa.

She has already worked with Animal Collective, Celebration and Pearl & the Oysters - just to name a few. She presents her latest album Parted Plains (2019), which was released by Leaving Records.

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Support: Ami Dang (USA)
Ami Dang (sitar, voice, electronics)
David Sanders (electronics), Simon Segers (drums), Mattias De Craene (sax)

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