De Kortste Nacht with Liesa Van der Aa: ‘Autobahn Utopia’


Music from dusk till dawn

Our pagan ancestors had some fine customs. Every year during midsummer night, they celebrated exuberantly through the summer solstice, the shortest night of the year.

Time to breathe new life into this tradition. The Handelsbeurs provides a night full of intimate music, making sure the shortest night passes by slowly.

With long drinks, good company and live music by Liesa Van der Aa & One Trick Pony.

Practical info

  • bring your own camping mat and sleeping bag with you 
  • choose a place in the concert hall
  • musicians are playing from sunset to sunrise
  • you can order some food and drinks at the bar
  • we provide a little breakfast in the morning
  • the concert starts 21h02 (=sunset), but you can arrive later
  • you can leave the place any time you want

More questions? Send us a mail.

De Kortste Nacht 25/06/2016

Illustration © Juliane Noll


Autobahn Utopia
One Trick Pony (performance), Liesa Van der Aa (music), Liesa Van der Aa, Katrin Lohmann (lyrics)

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