Dave Douglas: ‘Secular Psalms’


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New music for Van Eyck / A production of the Handelsbeurs

As one of the key figures of the contemporary jazz scene, American trumpeter Dave Douglas presents the brand new composition Secular Psalms. He was inspired by Van Eyck, the corona pandemic and Black Lives Matter.

For the performance, he gathers an international sextet and a number of Ghent celebrities with a broad horizon.

A love for Van Eyck

Dave Douglas is inspired by the Flemish primitives. Every time he passes through Ghent, he invariably visits the monumental Ghent Altarpiece in St Bavo's Cathedral. Hence he was enthusiastic to get started right away on the assignment from Handelsbeurs. For Secular Psalms he has draw inspiration from Van Eyck's use of colour, eye for detail and sense of composition.

But the historical context also plays a role. This art originated at the crossroads of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Musically, this brought with it the rise of polyphony, also known as composed polyphony. In doing so, Douglas harks back to the work of the Flemish polyphonist Guillaume Dufay.

Similarly to COVID-19, Van Eyck had to deal with the plague. Douglas incorporated in his composition the emotional life contrasted with a lack of human contact, isolation and distance. In this way, the Middle Ages resonate further in the present.

We may have lost loved ones, but we carry on. That's the message.

A production of Handelsbeurs in coproduction with Jazz Brugge, November Music and Jazz fest Berlin with the support of The City of Ghent and Baloise Insurance.


Secular Psalms
Dave Douglas (USA - trumpet), Tomeka Reid (USA - cello), Antoine Pierre (BE - drums), Marta Warelis (PL - piano, harmonium), Frederik Leroux (BE - guitars, lute, banjo), Berlinde Deman (BE - tuba, serpent, vocals)

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