Ceylan Ertem / Moğollar

contagious, powerful
world music

Turkish songs and Anadolu rock

The singer Ceylan Ertem has already had a varied career. At an early age she won a recording contract with Sony/BMG with her pop group, Anima.

In addition, she added her voice to international jazz projects and as a singer-songwriter has in the meantime put together her fifth solo album, Yine de Amin.

In the late 1960s, psychedelic rock music spread all over the world. Mogollar is one of the founders of the Turkish variant, alongside other big names such as Bariş Manço, Erkin Koray and Cem Karaca.

With their Anadolu Rock – a mixture of traditional and Western psychedelic music – they made a mark on the Turkish scene that still resounds today.

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20u15 Ceylan Ertem
Ceylan Ertem (voice), Kamil Cenk Erdoğan (guitar), Adem Gülşen (keys), Murat Çopur (bass), Şevket Nedim Ruacan (drums)
21u30 Moğollar
Cahit Berkay (voice, guitar, tambur, bağlama), Taner Öngür (bass guitar), Serhat Ersoz (piano), Kemal Küçükbakkal (drums), Emrah Karaca (voice)

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