Bright Lights Sessions #10 met EMY, BLUAI, e.a.

pop / rock / songs, world music

A melting pot of songwriters

What if you put a bunch of songwriters on stage together? An evening infused with spontaneous musical magic and cross-pollination? Bright Lights Sessions puts it to the test.

Each edition saw different musicians, but always within the same concept. The afternoon begins with songwriters arriving with their own songs. Together with the backing band, melting pot versions of each song grow and take new forms that see the light in the evening, when the concert kicks off.

Bright Lights Sessions provides an outlet for the many talents that traverse the worlds of pop, rock, folk and indie, and across genre boundaries. It is a haven for experimentation, mutual inspiration and adventure!

While the ninth edition was a memorable livestream, number ten may become even more magical with a live audience to feel the magic in the room. Come and experience the bright lights magic!


  • Emy Kabore (EMY)
  • Pauwel
  • Aafke Romeijn
  • Birsen Uçar (Hydrogen Sea)
  • Thomas Oosterlynck (Amongster)
  • Laura Cortese (Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards)

photo © Bright Lights Sessions


Emy Kabore (EMY), BLUAI, Pauwel, Aafke Romeijn, Birsen Uçar (Hydrogen Sea), Thomas Oosterlynck (Amongster), Laura Cortese (Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards)
Backing band
Jasper Hautekiet (bass), Maarten Moesen (drums), Alban Sarens (sax, synths), Cleo Janse (keys), Bart Vervaeck (guitar)

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