Botanical Bodies ◉ livestream

classical, pop / rock / songs

This is an online event.
Met je toegangsticket kan je het concert tot twee dagen erna (her)bekijken.

Mystical vocals and electronics.

Botanical Bodies gives new live to the music of Hildegard von Bingen, a 12th century Mother Superior who wrote fascinating vocal music created out of personal physical suffering. 

With a shared fascination for the mystical vocalist Mariske Broeckmeyer and violinist Hendrike Sharmann brought together a group of musicians for a unique reinterpretation in an electronic-acoustic setup.

with the support of Baloise Insurance


Botanical Bodies
Mariske Broeckmeyer (vocals, synths), Hendrike Scharmann (violin, oed, vocals), Vitja Pauwels (guitar, electronics), Simon Plancke (drums)

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