Fundraising with An Pierlé, The Antler King & Mola Sylla

contagious, subdued
pop / rock / songs, world music
€8 for students

Music for Senegal

On this evening you contribute while listening to the adventurous pop songs of An Pierlé, The Antler King and a trio of the Senegalese singer Mola Sylla.

Together they support Asappe / Ceppe, a school for disadvantaged youth in Dakar. Take part in a heartwarming, intimate concert evening.

Make a donation?

Any donation helps. With €1000 a teacher can teach for a year and with €1500 they can furnish a class. Choose how to contribute:

  • A concert ticket - €15
  • A support card - €10, via
  • Your own donation on BE71 2900 1660 1569, for Nestas vzw (mention 'benefiet 2017')

With support of Stad Gent, Handelsbeurs Concertzaal, Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen & Edugo

Photo © Jean-Claude François

More info

Asappe/Ceppe richt zich tot kansarme jongeren tussen 14 en 25 jaar. Om tewerkstelling in eigen regio te vergroten, bieden ze opleidingen in automechanica, elektriciteit, bouw, koelinstallaties, haartooi, kantoor & boekhouden, secretariaat of informatica.
Concreet zoekt de school naar middelen voor de uitbouw van een nieuw vormingscentrum in de wijk Keur Massar.

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