Backback plays Ellington / Don Kapot: 'Hooligan'


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Backback plays Ellington: 'DEUK'

The flamboyant Ghent trio Backback explores the zone between jazz, rock and burly grooves. The solid riffs of Filip Wauters and the roaring sax of Marc De Maeseneer synthesize seamlessly with the nuanced and unbridled playing of master drummer Giovanni Barcella. Their fifth album will be released in the autumn, consisting of hidden gems from Ellington's oeuvre.

Duke Ellington was an innovator who bridged the gap between the blues and the avant-garde, with dance music for the "Cotton club", suites and longer compositions more closely related to contemporary classical music, numerous recordings for smaller ensembles and solo piano work.

With DEUK, Backback will work with a selection of his lesser-known work, in which the big band arrangements make way for the essence, and this with the proven no-nonsense approach and burly sound that we are used to from them.

Don Kapot

Don Kapot equals groove, groove and more groove. Of the physical, rousing kind. Drummer Jakob Warmenbol and bassist Giotis Damianidis played with Oghene Kologbo's Worrld Squad, an Afrobeat sensation from Brussels. Together with baritone saxophonist Viktor Perdieus, they build on the work of Tony Allen, Fela Kuti and Kologbo.

Their compositions start from improvisations and combine the energy and freedom of free jazz with the total trance of the best dance music. Powerful and hypnotic: Don Kapot is nothing less than a groove machine, already a sensation due to his rousing concerts, infectious humor and colorful releases.

After their steamy livestream last year, they now present their album Hooligan (WERF Records) completely live for you.

A JazzLab Tour


Filip Wauters (guitar / Het Zesde Metaal, The Whodads, Score Man), Marc De Maeseneer (sax / El Tattoo del Tigre, Lady Linn, The Whodads), Giovanni Barcella (drums / Moker, Barcella/Van Herzeele)
Don Kapot
Viktor Perdieus (sax / The Milk Factory, Ifa y Xango, Nest), Giotis Damianidis (bass / Punk Kong), Jakob Warmenbol (drums / Robbing Millions, M(h)ysteria)

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