BaBa ZuLa: ‘Do Not Obey XX World Tour’

contagious, groundbreaking
pop / rock / songs, world music

20 years of Oriental Dub

BaBa ZuLa is a fixed value, on the international music scene as well as in Istanbul’s alternative club circuit. The band sets oriental influences and instruments like the darbuka and the electric saz alongside modern beats and electronics. 

With their new compilation album XX they will make an international tour, including the city of Ghent.

The sound and experience

This 'Oriental Dub' is an alternative mix drawing inspiration from psyhedelic rock-'n’-roll, reggae and dubs as well as from the musical traditions of former generations in Istanbul. 

Their live performances are a unique experience for their fans. Their psych-trance-turko-rock – accompanied by belly dancers – will get you dancing all the way to cloud nine.

Do you want kickass psychedelic rock performed by a long established Turkish band and sounding more trippy than anything Hendrix ever played? Your journey is over.

Jonathan Sprague

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