Arianna Savall, Petter Udland Johansen & Hirundo Maris


Chants du Sud et du Nord

As the daughter of world-renowned musicians Jordi Savall and Montserrat Figueras, Arianna Savall was introduced to the world of music at an early age. Her magnificent, warm soprano and refined harp playing are proof of that.

With her band Hirundo Maris – Latin for seagull – she travelled from the coast of her native Catalonia along the Mediterranean Sea, around the Iberian Peninsula all the way up to the North Sea and Scandinavia. Accompanying her is the Norwegian hardanger fiddler Petter Udland Johansen. The hardanger is a violin with double strings on which a set of fixed strings resonate with the strings that are played. The instrumentation of Savall’s ensemble – mandolin, dobro guitar and percussion – reminds us of traditional as well as classical music.

“In ancient times, Vikings connected North and South Europe via the sea,” say Johansen and Savall about their new album Chants du Sud et du Nord. “Catalonians and Sephardic Jews share their love for the sea, which connects people who, at first sight, seem to have nothing in common.”

The story has its origin in ‘El Mariner’, an old Catalonian song about the love between a Mediterranean beauty and a knight from the north. The music contains elements from traditional and folk music, and is supported by a broad sound palette, musically as well as vocally.

Arianna Savall (vocals, gothic harp and Italian triple harp) - Petter Udland Johansen (vocals, hardanger fiddle and mandolin) - Sveinung Lilleheier (guitar, dobro and vocals) - Miquel Àngel Cordero (double bass and vocals) - David Mayoral (vocals and percussion).

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