aki (albumrelease) / Jonas Cambien Trio

19u Doors
20h15 Start
€ 11.9 Early Bird
€ 17 Presale
€ 8 Presale student
€ 20 Box office
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Meditative jazz

With aki, drummer Anke Verslype models visual music full of inventive, subtle layers. The unique combination of drums with harp, guitar and bass makes your ears prick up. They present their first poetic album in the company of reed player Joachim Badenhorst.

Aki have already received considerable praise for their EP Niobe (2020). The interplay is subtle and sober, with anchors in jazz and influences from chamber music. It creates a vast, cinematic and minimalist sound world. They master it so well that the music regularly guarantees surprising emotional headshots.

Jonas Cambien Trio

Listening to Jonas Cambien Trio can feel like taking a peek under the bonnet of the music, with a clear view of how the cogs and levers move. The Oslo-born pianist intertwines jazz with his background in classical music and brings in fascinating allies.

Sometimes it is complex, other times just very simple and catchy, like a children's song or a pop hook. The result is unpolished, yet surprisingly accessible. This is free music that many will enjoy.

a JazzLab Tour

photo © Monday Agbonzee Jr.


Anke Verslype (drums), Willem Heylen (gitaar / Cinema Paradiso), Marjolein Vernimmen (harp), Ruben De Maesschalck (bas / Bombataz), Joachim Badenhorst (klarinet)
Jonas Cambien Trio
Andreas Wildhagen (drums / Paal Nilssen-Love Large Unit, Nakama), Andre Roligheten (rieten, Gard Nilssen Acousitc Unity, Friends&Neighbors), Jonas Cambien (piano, compositie / Aksiom, Simiskina)

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