€ 90 Basis
€ 75 -26/65+
€ 35 Student

Five outstanding flamenco/fado concerts.

A series of concerts full of passion, sensuality, emotion and virtuosity. Two genres of music that have the innermost feelings as midpoint – duende in flamenco and saudade in fado. Famous artists from Spain and Portugal that are bound to take you to the Mediterranean borders.

This subscription contains the following 5 concerts

world music / flamenco / fado

Greek blues and fiery flamenco / a celebration for 15 years of Handelsbeurs

world music / flamenco / fado

Flamenco with dancer Jose Barrios​

world music / flamenco / fado

Expressive flamenco dance

world music / flamenco / fado

forgotten fado songs

world music / flamenco / fado

Songs with Portuguese sorrow


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