Istanbul Ekspres: the programme

Turkish music in Ghent, from the 15th till the 19th of November.

The Istanbul Ekspres festival focusses on the rich and lively music scene of Istanbul. During 5 days you can discover what is going on in this musical hotbed. This at Handelsbeurs and De Centrale.

From Turkish pop and rock, through oriental jazz or festive Balkan music, right up to the classical grandmasters.

A short walk through the 5 days of the festival:

  1. Singer and oud player Mehmet Erdem makes alternative pop music and movie soundtracks. He opens the festival at Handelsbeurs in a double bill with the psychedelic music from Altin Gün on Wednesday.
  2. The powerfull singer Ceylan Ertem combines her grooves with strong lyrics about inspiring women and the Turkish life in all its complexity.
  3. Friday you can enjoy a fasil evening at De Centrale. Istanbul Fasil Ensemble brings Turkish classics to sing along and dance to. This with mezze and raki (food and drinks).
  4. Saturday you listen to folk songs of the Black Sea and some psychedelic folk-rock music of Gevende.
  5. On Sunday the Syrian violin player Shalan Alhamwy invites friends on foyer matinee.
  6. The Secret Trio with kanun player Tamer Pinarbasi, master clarinet player Ismail Lumanivski and oud player Ara Dinkjian brings traditional melodies that combine improvisation from the Middle East, dance rhythms from the Balkan region and Western classical music and jazz.

The playlist:

Published on Wed 20.09.17

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