Zonzo Compagnie: ‘3ACH, A Stairway to Heaven’

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Zonzo Compagnie: ‘3ACH, A Stairway to Heaven’

Bach is a monument, a wizard of sound and melody who threaded together fugues and chorales. In this multimedia performance, two violinists offer children of six and over a guide to what many consider to be the finest music ever written.

A production of Zonzo Compagnie in co-production with BIG BANG festival, Concertgebouw Brugge, Bozar and Oorkaan. With the support of the Creative Europe Program of the European Union, Vlaanderen, Provincie Antwerpen and Fonds Podiumkunsten.


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Cynthia Freivogel, Ryuko Reid (violin), Johann Sebastian Bach, Piet-Jan van Rossum (composition), Ine Van Baelen, Stijn Grupping (video), Wouter Van Looy (direction, decor), Caecilia Thunissen (muzical dramaturgy), Pieter Nys (technical design), Johanna Trudzinski (Costumes), Brent Simons, Joshua Tassin, Victor Van Looy, Julian Cuevas, Lou Van De Noortgate, Morris Van De Noortgate, Luisa Noviello, Astor Noviello, Tiana Yalina Oliveira, Cassie Alcendor (actors and actresses film)

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