Sarah Ferri 'Ferritales'

pop / rock / songs

Sarah Ferri is currently touring to promote her debut album ‘Ferritales’. The closing concert of her tour takes place at the Handelsbeurs.

The Ghent-based singer with Italian roots is praised for her brilliant and versatile voice, hopping effortlessly from one genre to the other, from Tori Amos over Ella Fitzgerald to Joni Mitchell.

By drawing comparisons like these, it becomes clear that Ferris has developed her own unique voice and style. Her songs skip delightfully from one genre to the other, but never abandon the leitmotiv that makes up the ‘Ferritale’.

No wonder then that Ferritales met with unprecedented critical acclaim for a debut album. Popular magazine Humo wrote: “we haven’t heard a better, more powerful and versatile voice in Belgium this year.” Radio 1 added: “Ferri draws inspiration from a broad spectrum of artists and her conscious choice for background choirs instead of strings, combined with her impressive vocal reach, give Ferritales a very distinguished feel.”

To promote her album containing the new single ‘Dancing in the supermarket’, Sarah Ferri did a string of intimate acoustic performances in coffee shops and stores. And although the Handelsbeurs is no supermarket, dancing is highly encouraged!

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