Paco del Pozo: 'En este momento'

world music / flamenco / fado

Flamenco singing and dancing

Paco del Pozo has a broad range of tastes. In addition to the Argentinian tango and the Andalusian copla and boleros, he also loves jazz. But he is first and foremost a flamenco singer of the purest kind.

On his latest album, En este momento, he adds a contemporary touch to tradition. He is
accompanied by the dancer Jose Barrios.

photo © Guido De Clercq

Extra info

Paco del Pozo (voice), Jose Barrios (dance), Paco Vidal (guitar), Tino di Geraldo (percussion)

This concert replaces the concert of Fabiola 'La Fabi' Perez.

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world music / flamenco / fado

Expressive flamenco dance

world music / flamenco / fado

forgotten fado songs


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