Marockin' Brass feat. Byron Wallen



A successful cooperation between Belgian and Moroccan musicians in itself, Marockin’ Brass is always on the lookout for exciting new international exchanges. For this concert, they have invited British trumpeter Byron Wallen as a ‘special guest’.

Marockin’ Brass composer Luc Mishalle and Wallen share a love for traditional Sufi music within a jazz context, lapsing rhythmic patterns, seemingly simple melodies and complex, intertwined structures. What emerges are timbres that navigate between flutes and impressive bass lines by tuba and bass saxophone, shrill melodies executed by two trumpets and a soprano saxophone, mixed with exotica (conches) and the trance-inducing sounds of the sentir, bambara singing and the traditional gnaoua dance.

Combined with the wide sound spectrum of the rhythm section, you can expect layered soundscapes, call and response structures and a multitude of acoustic timbres.

Byron Wallen (trumpet, flute, composition) - Luc Mishalle (soprano- and tenor saxophone, bombard, composition) Jean-Paul Estiévenart (trumpet, bugle) - Pascal Rousseau (tuba) - Driss Filali (krakeb, tbel, backing vocals) - Rida Stitou (sentir, krakeb, lead vocals) - Badr Derras (bendir, krakeb, vocals) - Tom Skinner (drums)

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