Foyer Matinee: Trio Nathan, Tcha & Vilmos

contagious, subdued
world music / flamenco / fado, jazz
during the day
for kids
Doors: 10h30
Start: 11h00
End: 12h00
€ 13 Basic
Free for -12 (with reservation)
unnumbered seats

New trio

From the Ragini Trio to Black Flower; the reed-player Nathan Daems is no stranger to successful jazz ensembles. For this new trio he brought together two equally big names: Tcha Limberger and Vilmos Csikós.

They play a broad repertoire ranging from Manouche in the Django style, old jazz standards
and Balkan traditionals to works of their own.

Tcha Limberger plays with such love for the tradition one can only sit and listen entirely fascinated

Moors magazine Holland

The equal of some of the greatest conservatory violinists… Limberger at the top of his game

World music Report USA


Trio Nathan, Tcha & Vilmos
Nathan Daems (tenor sax & Turkish kaval), Tcha Limberger (guitar, voice), Csikós Vilmos (double bass)
Reservation for minus 12 year olds via

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Foyer Matinee

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