Daan Vandewalle (piano) & David Moss (voice): 'The Goldberg Incantations'

groundbreaking, subdued
Doors: 19h00
Start: 20h15
€ 20 Basic
€ 16 (-26/65+)
€ 7 Student
Unnumbered seats and standing places

Innovating adaptation

Bach's Goldberg variations is one of the most famous piece of solo piano music in the history of music. Even after countless listenings, you can still discover new elements.

Classical pianist Daan Vandewalle joins 'the Pavarotti of the avant-garde' David Moss for an innovative adaptation.

Sounds like?

In some parts Vandewalle plays solo. In others, Moss joins in by improvising with his phenomenal voice: singing close to the melody or whispering over the rhythmical lines. 


David Moss (voice), Daan Vandewalle (piano)
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach, Daan Vandewalle and David Moss, lyrics: David Moss, edited by David Moss and Daan Vandewalle

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