Compro Oro (cd-release) / BRZZVLL (cd-release)

contagious, powerful

Compro Oro

These two Belgian jazz bands eagerly draw on a variety of influences that can often be danced to. Compro Oro delves into the Afro-Cuban tradition and makes a contemporary tribute to this genre.


BRZZVLL, in its seventh album, packed with sultry and psychedelic jazz funk, returns to its instrumental roots.

Tour by JazzLab Series
© Thomas Geuens


Compro Oro
Wim Segers (vibraphone, marimba), Bart Vervaeck (guitar), Matthias Debusschere (bass guitar), Robbe Kieckens (conga, percussion), Frederik Van den Berghe (drums)
Vincent Brijs (sax), Andrew Claes (sax, electric wind instrument), Dries Laheye (elektric bass), Jan Willems (keyboards), Geert Hellings (guitar), Maarten Moesen (drums), Stijn Cools (drums)

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world music / flamenco / fado

Expressive flamenco dance


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