Aural Archipelago / Dijf Sanders

contagious, powerful
world music / flamenco / fado, pop / rock / songs

Indonesian elektro pop

Dive into an evening with two sides of Indonesian music: traditional masters and a current take with samples and beats.

An uplifting psychedelic take on traditional Javanese music by this modern day Alan Lomax

About Dijf Sanders his 'Java'

Aural Archipelago

Aural Archipelago is a multi-media ethnography project by Palmer Keen, an American ethnomusicologist based out of Bandung in West Java, Indonesia. For Europalia Palmer choose three of his favorite artists he encountered.

These Indonesian masters bring together their traditions for a concert full of etnic lutes, heart-whole voices and eternal drums. 

Dijf Sanders with JAVA

Dijf Sanders is a Ghent-based multi-instrumentalist, instrument builder, producer and singer.

Dijf went to a musical research journey on the island of Java where he encountered local traditions and collected field recordings and instruments. He extracted these recordings and jams for his album JAVA on W.E.R.F. Records.

For Europalia, in assosiation with KAAP


20h15 - 21h15 Aural Archipelago
Ata Ratu (dungga-lute, voice), Thambunesia (lute), Turikale (drums, voice, lutes)
21h35 - 22h35 Dijf Sanders with JAVA
Dijf Sanders (electronics, voice), Nathan Daems (reeds)

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