Ha'fest: B.O.A.T. / Roland, Mauro Pawlowski & Guests

Thu 08/05/2014 ~ 20:15

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Ha'fest: B.O.A.T. / Roland, Mauro Pawlowski & Guests
ARTIEST The Bureau of Atomic Tourism
Roland, Mauro Pawlowski, Bart De Nolf and Jeroen Stevens
TAGS Ha'fest
DATUM Thu 08/05/2014
ORGANISATIE Handelsbeurs Concertzaal
LOCATIE concert hall
UUR 20:15 - B.O.A.T.
21:05 - Roland, Mauro Pawlowski, Bart De Nolf and Jeroen Stevens 

Notorious blues rocker Roland and adventurous guitarist Mauro Pawlowski recorded together the album New Found Sacred Ground in April 2013. They will share the stage again at Ha’fest and enthral the audience with powerful grooves and subtle guitar riffs. 
Before that, we give the stage to the improvisational jazz rockers of The Bureau of Atomic Tourism gathered around drummer Teun Verbruggen. This sextet also released a debut album last spring: Second Law of Thermodynamics.



The Bureau of Atomic Tourism (B.O.A.T.) is a Belgian-American-Icelandic avant-garde jazz band. B.O.A.T. is difficult to pigeonhole in a particular genre, but funky jazz grooves would be a common feature.

Founder and drummer Teun Verbruggen is best known for his collaboration with Jef Neve and Flat Earth Society, but also because of his bands and projects involving Mauro Pawlowski, Norwegian trumpeter Arve Henriksen, cellist Ernst Reijseger, bassist Trevor Dunn, and more. 

B.O.A.T. is a powerhouse with phenomenal musicians who all have their own bands; Americans Nate Wooley on trumpet, Andrew D'Angelo on sax and Tim Dahl on bass, the Icelandic guitarist Hilmar Jensson and locals Jozef Dumoulin and Teun himself. Such a list alone speaks to the imagination while the music blasts in your ears.


Roland, Mauro Pawlowski, Bart De Nolf & Jeroen Stevens

Roland and Mauro. Two generations of seasoned musicians on the same stage, sometimes a recipe for disaster. In the case of Mauro and Roland, there is no problem with egos or mutual musical differences. Both are class guitarists with their own fascinating journey. They complement each other, merge different guitar styles and forge a new, noble sound. Even though you always hear the personal touch, the whole is so much more than the sum of its parts. A fantastic road movie by guitarland.

For this concert, they gathered two famous guests: Bart De Nolf played double bass with the recently retired Belgian jazz legend Toots Thielemans and drummer Jeroen Stevens knows Mauro from Gruppo di Pawlowski.

The Mauro, Roland and B.O.A.T. concert will launch the first edition of Ha’fest. The festival will run for three days (8 to 10 May) and take place in and around Handelsbeurs. On 10 May you are cordially invited to partake in a musical extravaganza involving the whole of Ghent by joining Radio Crochet en masse. The music is by Roland and Peter Vermeersch, and the conductor will be Wim Opbrouck.

Photo: © Christina Arrigoni

This concert takes place in the context of Ha’fest, the three-day festival of Handelsbeurs.

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Ha’fest is a festival with concerts in de Handelsbeurs and on other locations. Ha'fest is also a carbon copy of what the Handelsbeurs represents: exceeding the boundaries in music.